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Welcome to Timberwolf Pet Products Mt. Holy Cross Colorado

NEW! Wholesalers Order Online NOW! click here Please Note: Please note, brass hardware is no longer available.  All hardware now comes in zinc diecast with a black nickel finish.”

Welcome to Timberwolf Pet Products! As a wholesale manufacturer/distributor located in Pueblo, Colorado, Timberwolf has been a market leader in high-quality, handcrafted pet accessories since 1996. From our mountain rope style “Alpine Leads” with their unique rubber grip handles to our “Sequoia Collars” (“the most comfortable collar your dog can wear”) to Iour recently introduced line of natural rubber toys, Timberwolf Pet Products offers some of the most innovative, comfortable and stylish pet products on the market today.

The following pages provide information designed for potential retail pet store customers as well as our existing retail store customers. Sorry, we are a wholesale manufacturer/distributor and we do not sell direct retail. If you are interested in our products and cannot find them at your local pet store, please refer them to this website so that they can become a Timberwolf customer.

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