Alpine Rope Standard Harness

Alpine Rope Standard Harness

Made from double braided rope (the same rope we make our leashes with) this is uniquely ours... and there is nothing else like it in the industry. Ideally suited for long haired and double coated dogs, it helps to reduce matting due to its’ rolled nature and prevents coat breakage and loss due to pulling and chafing.

Note: Rope harnesses have limited adjustment due to the double braid. We recommend this product to be sold in stores that will help the customer fit the harness to the dog.

Available Sizes


22-25" , 17-21"


26-30" , 31-35" , 36-40"

Available Colors

Canyon , Swift , Escape , Discover , Twilight , Infinity , Gravity , Tangerine , Teal , Rose , Greenery , Aquamarine , Black , Blue , Burgundy , Chocolate , Gray , Green , Pink , Purple , Red