About Us

Timberwolf Pet Products is the leading manufacturer of braided rope leash, collar and harness products in the worldwide pet industry. By offering a pet range that is designed for comfort, quality and style in everyday use and driven by a passion for "better pet products", Timberwolf is a pioneer in innovative ideas that have stood the test of time for over two decades.

Since starting the business in 1996, Timberwolf Pet Products has continually worked to offer a product line that is both consumer and canine friendly. Many of the innovations that laid the foundation for the company over 20 years ago are still unique to the pet industry today. From our innovative cord binding knots and custom braided rope and collar materials, to our still unrivaled "comfort grip" handle, there is nothing comparable to a Timberwolf Pet Product.

Timberwolf Pet Products is sold exclusively to independent pet retailers (brick and mortar stores) and our retail online site with no minimum order requirements. All products are hand built at the time of the order and because of this we are capable of creating custom products for those wanting something a bit different than our standard offerings.

Timberwolf has always, and will continue to be MADE IN THE USA.