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Timberwolf Pet Products is the leading manufacturer of braided rope leash, collar and harness products in the worldwide pet industry. By offering a pet range that is designed for comfort, quality and style in everyday use and driven by a passion for “better pet products”, Timberwolf is a pioneer in innovative ideas that have stood the test of time for nearly two decades.

Since starting the business in 1996, Timberwolf Pet Products has continually worked to offer a product line that is both consumer and canine friendly. Many of the innovations that laid the foundation for the company nearly twenty years ago are still unique to the pet industry today. From our innovative cord binding knots and custom braided rope and collar materials, to our still unrivaled “comfort grip handle”, there is still nothing like a Timberwolf Pet Product.

While we continue to offer our independent store customers handcrafted pet products manufactured right here in the USA, we have diversified our production capacity to include several overseas manufacturing facilities as well. This diversification has allowed Timberwolf Pet Products to offer a wider variety of pet accessories to fit the different needs of our customer base. As of this writing, the two divisions assemble over 3 million lineal feet of braided rope products annually and our quality driven team consistently delivers the highest quality pet accessories within many different retail channels.

Starting in 2013, both Timberwolf and Sport It LLC, a division of Timberwolf Pet Products, will begin offering their customers a new line of launch toys called Longshots. This toy line promises to create a whole new era of dog and owner interaction. In the coming years, we plan to expand this line to offer Longshots consumers innovative new products that will all fly with the greatest of ease.

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